OxyGuard Handy Polaris 2 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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The OxyGuard Handy Polaris 2 dissolved oxygen meter is a portable DO meter that also measures % saturation, mg/L (ppm), temperature and has salinity compensation. Measurements are compensated for temperature and barometric pressure. The probe is galvanic type and fully field-serviceable. Has a large display with backlight and offers automatic calibration and a choice of language and units of measurement.

The Polaris 2 has a memory that can contain 3000 complete sets of data - each with values of mg/l (ppm), % saturation, temperature, time and date. Values can be stored either automatically at preset time intervals or manually. You can group values according to the place of measurement. Stored values can be transferred to a PC using the Polaris Link, which connects to the PC via a USB cable.

The OxyGuard Handy Polaris 2 has datalogging and transfer capabilities, and other functions such as automatic calibration and self-check of the probe and meter, combine with the well-known accuracy, reliability and low maintenance needs of the OxyGuard Handy dissolved oxygen meter series to make an instrument that will serve you well for many years to come.

OxyGuard Handy Polaris 2 Data:

    • Automatic calibration with stability check
    • Automatic self-check of instrument, cable and probe
    • Compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure
    • User selectable language and main display parameter
    • "On-screen" instructions
    • Waterproof
    • 1400 hours use from one 9V alkaline battery
    • Illuminated display with variable intensity
    • Stores 3000 sets of full data
    • Automatic or manual data logging
    • Data transfer to PC using link and USB cable

The OxyGuard Handy Polaris 2 is available in 3 meter and 10 meter.