OxyGuard Portable CO2 Meter with datalogger including travel case

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The OxyGuard portable CO2 meter is a reliable and easy-to-use instrument that measures dissolved carbon dioxide in water. The meter consists of a probe and a battery-powered transmitter. The latter has a display showing the CO2 concentration and an analog signal as output. The transmitter has an on/off switch, "slope" and "zero" adjustments. Battery charger (230V), calibration accessories and 3-m cable are included. A version with built-in data logger is available.

Measures the CO2 gas pressure directly and is not affected by carbonates or other dissolved substances. It is therefore possible to achieve simple, continuous direct measurements of carbon dioxide in water that affects fish.

Methods such as test kits, laboratory analysis and the detection of pH changes are subject to disturbance from the dissolved substances found in aquaculture water. The OxyGuard CO2 measures only the CO2 that affects the fish, which is the free dissolved CO2 gas. It is reliable and accurate. Calibration accessories pack includes beaker with stirrer and magnet; 75 g of pH conditioner with dosing spoon; 100 mL of calibration solution with dosing syringe; and adjustment screwdriver.